This year the conference aims to connect young people from around the world which will work together on development of business solutions with the goal to make them ready for implementation after the conference. The program consists of a series of workshops, trainings and panel discussions through which delegates can acquire the necessary knowledge for the development and implementation of their projects.

The conference concept consists of 4 blocks which will lead participants from business idea to final proposal for its realization. After team formation, each team will have to define a problem and suggest solution in any one of assigned key areas that will be presented on the conference. Next step is development of a business model and plan with the support of mentors, education and active program which will enhance the productivity of teams. The next block contains the presentation,evaluation and feedback of project proposals. The last section contains the sales simulation, the ability to attract investors and set the initial steps for continuing cooperation between stakeholders.

  • Preparation materials before conference
  • Team forming
  • Selection of key area
  • Identifying the problem
  • Project elaboration
  • Role assignment
  • Every team gets a mentor for guidance
  • Creation of business model
  • Education and workshops
  • Panels and sharing experience
  • Plan finalization
  • Sales simulations
  • Pitch presentation
  • Evaluation of business models
  • Feedback
  • Business networking
  • Explaining needed procedures for starting a business
  • Establishing a platform for future cooperation and support
  • Announcement of winning teams
  • Tracking of implementation after the conference

Program objectives


  • Work in teams on creation of business plan and model
  • Experience of leading/working in international teams
  • Gaining new skills and knowledge


  • Creation of business plan, model, leadership, sales and budgeting education
  • Education about needed procedures when openning a company
  • Global trends


  • Ensure collaboration within teams to achieve better results
  • Exchange of good case practices and sharing experiences
  • Special time for networking