Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a student with the idea in the beginning, here you'll find something for yourself.

What our past participants say

  • I like the idea of bringing different people from different countries in a situation to work together and in this way to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

    Natalie Georgiou
    Cyprus, SJC 2014
  • For me this has been a productive experience because I got different opinions about my idea from colleagues from other countries. I like the international context of the conference because we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

    Germán Henao
    Colombia, SJC 2014
  • Summer Jam is a very good combination of work and learning on the one hand, and socializing with diverse people on the other side, that enables future entrepreneurs to gain experience, develop ideas and network.

    Karl Schneider
    Germany, SJC 2014
  • I found out about Summer Jam at last minute and I signed up spontaneously. It's a nice mix of fun activities and work. I'm glad I came because I see benefits in being around people who are in this field of business. I got encouraged to work on my ideas and to realize them.

    Michelle Rickenbach
    Switzerland, SJC 2014
  • I spent five days in a unique resort on the coast of Croatia, participated in many activities in the countryside, I've met and worked with communicative, creative and motivated people from different cultures, listened to inspirational speeches and had mentors that helped us in every step and gave us better insight in developing business ideas that have great potential to become global. That is Summer Jam and I'm very glad that I was a part of it.

    Pinar Cansu Baycar
    Turkey, SJC 2014
  • Summer Jam Croatia is an experience that should not be missed. The conference has very well combined lectures and activities taking place there. It was a very well organized conference that contained many good topics and opportunities to develop our own projects. I was also really, really surprised with people there and their hospitality.

    Klevis Koçi
    Albania, SJC 2013
  • I was very impressed by the business program. Sessions, mentors, teammates - it was all great. I am leaving full of enthusiasm and can not wait to start the implementation of my business model as soon as I come home.

    Becky Jowsey
    UK, SJC 2013
  • Sessions were related, linked and you can learn from them a lot. We worked on our business plan and you can combine everything. I like Summer Jam a lot because you can meet people from other countries and also develop your intercultural and interpersonal skills.

    Lo Tsz Kwan
    Hong Kong, SJC 2013
  • I’m really glad I participated in this type of program. I got a chance to check out the prospects for the business idea and at the same time meet great people, Croatian culture and beautiful coastline that I have heard so much about.

    Shaun Dickerman
    USA, SJC 2013
  • To describe this event with words is to diminish its true experience. It was a perfect blend of tranquility, presentations plus workshops and socializing over drinks and music. If only one of this 3 segments was Summer Jam '13 it would still be worth being there. From a business point of view, Summer Jam was a stew of ideas from entrepreneur chefs from all around a world. Diversity at its best. Getting and giving positive, negative feedback from/to everyone plus from guest lecturers who have successful companies was and still is priceless. This is an experience I will cherish for all my life.

    Branko Mavro
    Croatia, SJC 2013


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